A Cyborg Mythology

Date: 12/2019
Glass blowing, Arduino, servo, motor, LEDs, speakers, metal

“A Cyborg Mythology” is a Greek mythology story in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. I imagine that all Gods in Greek myth are cyborgs. We create Gods according to ourselves. When we become a cyborg or admit we are a cyborg, what will our Gods look like?
In the book “The Gods and Robots” Andrienne Mayor describes the imagination and attempt of the ancient people to AI. The earliest Greek religion was a kind of natural worship. But at the same time, the human nature of creation and imagination drives the development of science and technology.

I’m trying to describe the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines, the conflict of belief, mythology, religion, and technology. Through this work, I realized that we are born Cyborg. We have been searching and adapting to abiotic resources, cooperating with them both mentally and physically. We are shaped by technology from beginning to end. Therefore, we have no fear of our "post-human" future.