The Moon Station

Date: 6/2015
Materials:light bulb machine, pipes, square steel, cable racks, condenser ...

I created “The Moon Station“ in “Summer of Steel” Taiyuan International Youth Artist Residency, Shanxi Province. Shanxi is an important historical, cultural, and industrial city in China. The transformation of industrial production mode leads to the elimination of a large number of mechanical equipment. These symbols of industrial civilization are gradually pushed to the edge of the information age. How to deal with the waste that symbolizing industrial civilization? As an artist, I am committed to preserving the history of industrial cities while reusing iron and steel waste transform them into my works of art.

In the density work of the sculpture camp, facing the overwhelming heap of metal scrap, I keep a keen sense of finding the symbolic elements related to industrial development, finding industrial and mechanical aesthetics in ordinary steel. I used to create on-shelf sculpture, use my body to shaping, and scaling. these giant machine parts with strong characteristics create unprecedented obstacles for me.  At the same time, it is the strangeness of materials and the huge scale of sculpture that stimulate my creativity.