Date: 11/2019
Dimension: 18x15x14cm
Medium: Interactive wearable device with audio and speakers and 3M respirator Mask

“Respirator” expresses my concern for the difficulties and loneliness of people's survival within China's climate of severe air pollution in 2015. People wear this respirator to endure the smog. Every breath taken reminds us of our relationship with nature, our place in history. This influenced my future pursuits and defined what art and technology mean to me: to expand the human body's boundaries, augment our human abilities and senses, while always caring for others as well as the natural world.

I live in Beijing, one of the most densely populated cities in China which is also the city with the most serious environmental pollution. Smog affects everyone's life. We wear masks when we go out. We close the doors and windows at home. Environmental pollution makes people close themselves and isolate themselves from the world. At the worst of the smog there will be, even in the daytime, a dark sky as if it were the end of the day. In the conflict between nature and human beings, I feel my own insignificance. This work is closely related to the human body, nature, history, and the current situation of China.

"Human-machine interaction" is realized through Arduino. A sound sensor receives the sound of a person breathing while wearing a mask, converts it into an electronic signal, and controls th sound of the speaker through programs and circuit boards. I translated the physiological function of breathing into electronic signals. My breath triggered the speaker to play the recorded sound from the“Great Smog of London” documentary. "London's so-called 'Romantic Fog' in 1952 ended in a disaster, but its real power was never known." T he voice sounds from an isolated world, but history is always strikingly similar.