Medium: 3D Printer Resin
Dimension: 70x20x15cm
Date: 1/2018

“CYBERNUS” is a compound word composed of two words: “Cyber” and “Venus”. Just like the work: It consists of the body of Venus, the ancient Greek marble statue, and another part of the mechanical body.

Combining 3D printing and scanning technology with the function of the software itself. I used the mechanical model in the software and reassembled it. At the same time, I replaced the body of Venus, the God of beauty, with mechanical parts. From the skeleton of metal parts to the smooth nude sculpture, it shows the tension between mechanical aesthetics and human aesthetics.

The work reflects my thinking on aesthetic significance in the era of rapid development of science and technology:
The Renaissance Movement attacked the imprisonment of the old religions by discovering and displaying the structure of the human body, so as to arouse people’s concern and discovery about themselves. But in the era of highly developed science and technology, even if the hands and feet are broken, they can easily be replaced by machinery. Robots can help do anything. Will human beings be happy? At that time, human beings owned all kinds of cyborgs and high-tech. However, these still cannot fill the emptiness in life.Eeating by dirty Chinese restaurants, entertainment by red light district. Under the superficially highly developed technology, what is hidden in the life that has been cut apart?